“It’s a podcast that sounds like the movie trailer guy got a PhD in Economics, then went to open-mike night at the Comedy Store”

– cicely dunagan

A recap of season 1; a look forward to season 2, and how to get your topic/subject addressed in 2022!

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It's a super-sized season 1 finale! Why must the supply chain be so darn INCONVENIENT?!?! It's the holiday season, you'd think maybe we could get a friggin' break around here.

Your Narrator beats a dead horse for the conclusion of Anti-Vaxxers, a group of people TOTALLY down with drinking livestock medicine instead of getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

Your intellectually curious Narrator hands out verbal haymakers like birthday presents to those people that refuse to take a safe and effective vaccine. Come for the education, stay for the poop jokes.

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“One of the best finds of 2021… a stunning amount of facts couched with jokes, all delivered in less than 20 minutes… There’s no other podcast quite like it…”

– james hardy
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